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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More toys at the shop

What is could be more fun than playing once again with a toy from our childhood. How about Tinkertoys - One of the most Iconic Toys of our Childhood.

Spokes, spools, rods and reels . . . Playskool's Tinkertoy® Construction Sets, the tools of America's tinkerers were invented in 1914. Tinkertoy® Construction Sets are one of the truly classic toys of all time. They have driven the imaginations of children for generations, proving that fun and stimulating toys never lose their appeal.

Tinkertoy® Construction Sets are the invention of Charles Pajeau, a stonemason from Evanston, Illinois who established The Toy Tinkers company. Inspired by watching children play with pencils, sticks and empty spools of thread, Pajeau developed several basic wooden parts which children could assemble in a variety of three dimensional abstract ways. He designed his first set in his garage, and with high hopes, displayed the toy at the 1914 American Toy Fair. But nobody was interested. He tried his marketing skills again at Christmas time. He hired several midgets, dressed them in elf costumes, and had them play with "Tinker Toys" in a display window at a Chicago department store. This publicity stunt made all the difference in the world. A year later, over a million sets had been sold. Playskool acquired the Tinkertoy® line from Child Guidance in 1985.

I love the price tag. It reads $1.18. Below that price is says "Price West of the Rockies $1.29". The actual price of the can of toys was $1.15.

This 1952 set is complete with the original 100 pieces and an additional 30 odd extra dowels and spools. In good shape $12.00

This next game Alley Oop is based on a comic strip that appeared 78 years ago. At its height, Alley Oop with its caveman and dinosaur characters was carried by 800 daily newspapers. It was popular around the world in both comic strips and book formats.

The game featured the comic strip character in an interesting mural on its reverse. One to four players get to flip their "oops" into the can. Manufactured by the Royal Toy Company, Inc. Copyright 1937 Stephen Slesinger Inc. (Stock Number 005alleyoop)

1937 game, with instructions, mint condition. I hope I should look this good at 74. Please stop by the shop to play. $30.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Chidhood Memories and the Wild West

The Wild West has come to the shop. Currently we have a 1950's Vintage Hubley Double Barreled Flintlock Cap gun with Bakelite Handle. How's that for some fancy shootin'. Bakelite was originally used for molding items that were previously done of celluloid or hard rubber. It is a synthetic resin chemically formulated -- think early plastic. Bakelite is very collectible.

Even better, a pair of 1960's Tootsietoy Pony Boy Cowboy Toy Cap Guns with holsters. Mint condition. One of the guns appears to have never been used. Tootsietoy is America's oldest toy company, dating back to 1876 begun by the Dowst Brothers. The Tootsietoy name originally applied to only some of their die-cast products. It wasn't until one of the brothers had a granddaughter named Toots, that they decided to name the doll furniture line after her. The trade liked this name so well it was adopted for all of the company's die-cast toys.

So grab your hat, saddle up and mosey on over to the shop. Your childhood is calling.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pinkalicious at the Shop

February has been very "Pinkalicious" at the shop. We have put together a large display of pink jewelry, dishes, glassware, vases, linens, and so much more.

Valentine's Day may have been February 14th, but why not celebrate being "Pink" all month long.

See you at the shop.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Something shiny new in the shop

A new addition to the shop's inventory, this charming vintage lead crystal Owl.

Approx. 7 inches high, this is a John Reikes Kristaluxus creation. Handcrafted in Old Mexico, it is in Mint Condition with its original sticker. Recently discovered in a box of packed away items, covered in dust, it can be used as a paperweight, bookend or simply as a sparkling sunlight catcher.......... it deserves a good home.

Please check it out at the shop. The sidewalk has been plowed and the stairs salted, ah the fun of being a shopkeeper during winter storms in Maine.