2nd fl 8 School Street - Gorham - Maine

Friday, August 12, 2011



Hard to believe that my little shop, 2nd fl Thriftiques has been in business for a full year. The comments and support from friends, family and the community have been amazing and it's given me the resolve to go forward with expansion plans. For the past couple of months I have been searching for a new location for the shop, one with better parking and more square footage. This search continues. Until such time as a new space presents itself, the shop will remain at 2 School Street, Second Floor, Gorham, Maine.

As a thank you for making this past year a wonderful success, everything in the shop is on sale 20% off August 8th - 13th. Please join me in celebrating...... Remember, Everything Old is New Again.

Tins, Tins, Tins. I just love the colors and the graphics.

Original price of this Flash can "21 cents"

I have never seen this product before.......Glass Wax

"Glass Wax" How to clean a window a minute.

1. Shake can
2. Pour a small amount of Glass Wax on a damp cellulose sponge
3. Apply thin coat to glass with sponge
4. As Glass Wax dries, wipe off with soft cloth. Dirt vanishes. No skips. No misses. You see where you're cleaning.....know where you've cleaned.

How did our mothers do all of this?

My new favorite piece in the store is this Oxford Company chest, with original wire rack and knobs and the top is fabulous green enamelware. Priced at $100.00, it won't last long.

Hope to see you in the shop.


  1. Love that chest! I sure wish you were local! My kitchen would be it's new home! :)

    Happy Anniversary!

    Under the Big Oak Tree

  2. Congrats on your 1 year shop anniversary. We aren't around for the sale but can't wait to stop in this fall. See you soon!

  3. Oh...fabulous piece. congrats on your success.